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The Whole Kingdom

Let’s talk nerdy for a moment. Superheroes, science fiction, fantasy…these are my jam. I may not be able to cite every statistic or quote canon from fifties-era comic books, but to paraphrase one of my favorite podcasters: I’m here for the dragons, the time travel, and the capes.
It’s probably no surprise that I’m most drawn to the female characters. Lucy Pevensie, Xena, Kitty Pryde, Eowyn, Hermione Granger; each one of these characters let me see myself in the role of hero, wizard, adventurer, warrior. Through them I could be more than just the princess, eternally trapped in the castle, waiting for a man to rescue her.
When Wonder Woman was released this year the movie was lauded as a win for women. It gave us the opportunity to see something that isn’t the norm in any genre, ourselves in the role of hero. I know, some of you will do a search and pop up with lists of strong female leads in genre fiction. Perhaps that’s the point. When was the last time you had to search for a list…

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