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A Love Song for the Church, Pas de Deux

We stood in the Light Since the day of my birth And we danced Through Sunday School years And youth group parties Through sunrise services Easter pageants Christmas chorales Harvest blessings.
You held me, spun me dizzy at times. Our steps and lifts were beauty; We circled round And back again Together, Apart, I always knew that you were there.
But now our rhythms have diverged And I want to let you go. I want to dance a wilder dance And damn the careful choreography. But still I circle back Because I believe Crazily, implausibly, That we can be beautiful Together.

Several years ago I wrote a love song for the church. I didn't know then that the church still had more ways to break my heart. I didn't know then that there would be more days I wanted to let go of her, to spin away out of reach, to dance my own dance and damn the choreography. I want to love the church, I really do, but some days it seems like such a mess. I can’t begin to count the times this summer when I’ve thought I could just happily…

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