About Me

Welcome! I'm so glad that you stopped by my little corner of the internet. It's not very fancy, a lot like me. Sometimes I make an effort to pretty it up, but mostly I'm just simply me. I'm Rea, also known in real life as Loretta. The nickname Rea came from some kids I babysat for years ago when I was young and single, and somehow I just adopted that as my online persona. Sometimes I think it is because children distill us down to the core of who we are, and at heart that's just who I am. Simply Rea.

Writer, dreamer, lover of things that are simple. I'm a bit of a poet and I'm finding that there is a whimsical, flighty side to me that is finally emerging after years of being buried under rules and regulations. I nearly stifled it to death during a stint as a public accountant (an era in my life that has forever put me off of wearing black clothing), but despite being oddly good at the whole 'thinking in columns' thing I decided one day that if I'd been saying for years that my deepest dream was to write, perhaps I ought to really try it.

I've been married for over fifteen years to Mike, the love of my life. He is the calm to my storm and the anchor to my flightiness. He has never forgotten my dream, even when I tried to ignore it, and has been an absolute rock on the days when I end up moping on the bed because the words just aren't coming out the way I want them to sound.

I am mom to two boys whom I referred to for a while on my blog as Gates and Indy because it fit them to a T. Jordan the analytical, refusing to give up in the face of doubt, Benjamin Gates of the National Treasure movies, and Kyle the full force and reckless abandon of Indiana Jones. I'm too lazy to go back and change all of the places I used those names, but it feels awkward now to call them something other than their own names. You won't see many stories about them on my blog, as they've entered the teen years I've tried to respect their desire for privacy and owning their own stories, so I'm trying to edit and delete as I come across posts that they might not want on the internet for all to see.

I've been on a bit of a journey over the last number of years, a journey of learning how to use my voice. It makes me a bit of a rebel sometimes, and I'm embracing the messiness of my pilgrimage. I'm a lot less 'sweet' than I used to be, and a little more spicy. Some people think I'm a heretic because I'm passionate for justice and love, because I think that God is maybe a bit bigger than we've made him out to be. I'll ask questions and try not to shy away from hard answers.

Having a blog is a bit like walking around naked. It's almost always with a little fear and trembling that I hit that 'Post' button. But more than anything I want people to know that they are loved in all their mess, in all their questioning, in all their beauty. You are wholly and completely loved by a radical, subversive God. If it takes a little nakedness for you to see that you aren't as different as you think, then that's what I will give you.

So join me on the journey, all you pilgrims. Sweet pilgrims, spicy pilgrims, rebel pilgrims, reckless, tired and hurting pilgrims. Everyone is welcome here.