It's a good thing it isn't about me...

This morning I had the misfortune privilege of being assigned the task of doing the announcements at church. I actually do like to attend churches where everyone gets involved in the service at some point instead of just a select few; at least I liked it until it became my turn to stand up in front of people and make words come out of my mouth.

I get nervous. Horribly, incredibly nervous. The worship team could have sung the theme song to Blues Clues and I truly would not have even noticed as my fear mounted. (Somehow I think God understands my fear, and I'd like to think that it's ok with him.) The good news is, I survived. I'm not sure what I said, I'm not sure if I missed anything, but I survived.

But here's the great news. It's not about me. God can show up at church whether it's me reading announcements or the most silver-tongued orator we've got. God can show up when there are Power Point difficulties, God can show up when the sound system screeches with feedback, God can show up no matter what happens. Because God doesn't depend on us presenting some flawless show that delights the listeners, he depends on us having hearts that are open and willing.

So the next time your church asks for volunteers don't think "Oh, I can't do that, I'll let someone more gifted do it." Be willing. Serve. You don't have to be perfect, God's got that covered already.


  1. Checking in on blogs tonight. Loretta you did great! Do you know how many people chicken out?! Seriously and you worked some dead-pan awesome humor in there. In announcements of all things!

  2. Thanks! :) Nervous as I was, I don't regret being volunteered.

  3. [...] out of her spiritual gift-set if the truth was known, but she was willing.  She said in her blog: So the next time your church asks for volunteers don’t think “Oh, I can’t do that, I’ll [...]


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