This is the blog where I blog about everything trivial. My garden. Cooking. Knitting. My family. Well, ok, my family isn't trivial but this is the blog where they are going to hang out. Why Simply Rea? Rea is a nickname given to me a long time ago by some dear friends and somehow, even though we've drifted apart, that has always seemed to fit me best for my online persona. And believe it or not, Simply Loretta was taken. Go figure.

This is the blog about a woman who stepped out of the corporate world and dreamed of a life that was a little bit simpler, a life in which I got to spend time with my family, a life in which I had time to try to live the ideals of health and wholeness. I'm still learning, still finding new areas of simplicity, still growing in old ones.

You'll get to see me attempt to keep a garden alive, strive to unleash my inner interior decorator (I'm not so sure I have one), and create...well, whatever my heart desires!

So, kick back, grab a latte and get ready to enjoy the show!


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