Goofy, crazy, silly motherhood

It's so random, this thing called Motherhood. All of the moments in a day strung together over the years, a rosary of memories running through our fingers one by one. Sometimes I flip through the pictures and I look for the sweet moments, the wayward kisses, the hugs and cuddles. Other women have them, these moments captured that make you stop and say "Oh, how precious!"

I have moments like this:

Many, many moments like that. (I wonder if Washington  or Lincoln ever made goofy faces.)
And that's ok. It's who we are, who my family is, the defining aspect of my motherhood. We are quite simply...crazy. Crazy silly. And I wouldn't trade my goofy silly boys for all the sweet and tender moments in the world.

But sometimes when it's least expected, when they are completely worn out from silliness, I get about 60 seconds of 'Awwww'. No kissing pictures though.

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  1. :) Can I say awwwwwwww anyway? This is sweet. :)
    P.S. Thank you for the moving tips!!!


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