Soul balm

Wednesday, and the day was grey with snow flurries from low hanging clouds of winter slipping through a loophole into spring. Grey to the eyes and grey to the soul.
Some days all I can do is hold on, mark the spot where I stand and determine to not give way. Hold on to the God who sees the sparrow fall, hold on to the God who knows my pain. And so I searched for gifts to be thankful for and I repeated Psalm 42:11 over and over as I ran my morning errands.

Quick stop at the church to drop off the groceries for the evening meal and there is my friend, Anne. She gifts me with small succulent plants, children of her succulent garden that I admired, started for me and nurtured for me without my knowing.

Such a small gift, big in its timing. I take it home, put it in my window and the closed up tears fall from the grace of knowing that I am known.

Gifts #15-45 of One Thousand Gifts...

Bird song in the morning.
Hazel eyes and strong arms that surround me.
'My mom is nis' written in chalk on the driveway.
Psalm 42 that speaks to my soul.
Early morning God-meeting after a rough night of sleep.
Circle of women sharing hearts and scripture-truth that heals.
Christ in me, the hope of glory.
Seeing the God-light shining from the face of a friend.
Chives growing taller, lit with sunlight.


  1. Rea,
    how sweet it is to have "the grace of knowing that I am known"...I think we all long for this. And I loved these: "my mom is nis" and the "circle of women sharing hearts and scripture-truth that heals". And p.s.-- glad you answered the question that your hair isn't always blue. :) Blessings.


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