Fill 'er up!

When I first started this blog I thought I was going to spend a lot of time focusing on the choices we make as we try to live simply. As I wrote more I realized that part of living simply is tied in to the quest to live authentically, but "Authentically Rea" just doesn't have the same ring as a blog name. Still, simplicity and what that means and how that looks are a big part of my life and shape a lot of the things that I do.

So for today I want to pose this simple thought...

What if we said grace every time we started our car? Or every time we filled up with gas? What if we treated our fuel consumption with reverence? Would it change the way we drive? The way we feel when we swipe our card at the pump?

I first saw this short video yesterday, and today with my tank nearly empty I stopped at the gas station. I swiped my card, pumped my gas, cringed at the total and thought of how little it used to cost to fill my car. And then I got in the car, bowed my head and gave thanks. I gave thanks for a checking account balance that allows us to fill up our car when we need it instead of letting it sit in the driveway because we can't afford the gas. I gave thanks for my smaller car that can still be filled up without cracking the $50 mark (unless I'm SERIOUSLY on empty). I asked for wisdom not to take this resource for granted, but to be a good steward of my driving habits.

And a curious thing happened. I pulled away from the pump happy.

Sometimes the root of simplicity lies in knowing how to give thanks.


  1. I love this thought. I'll have to try it when I fill up my van. I think it would help me not feel so anxious about the money spent and instead focus on the Source of the funds.


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