Get well soon and don't touch me

One of the challenges for a child with Aspergers is helping them to learn empathy. To say it doesn't come naturally to them would be VASTLY understating the issue. So it came as a bit of a shock to me this morning when Gates embarked on a mission to help his poor, sick mother feel better.

When I coughed he got me a cup of water.

He asked me about ten thousand questions about what time I started feeling sick, and what felt sick first, and how sick did I feel, and did I have a temperature?

He prayed to God to help me feel better.

And then he wrote me a 'Get well' card. I will probably keep it forever (for one thing, he told me to keep it).

The first thing you need to know is that he is incredibly practical and to the point. No fluffy pictures, no little jokes. He didn't even get out the nice paper, just some scrap paper.

See? Straight and to the point.
And then I am told to keep this helpful card.

But most importantly, there are TIPS!

Most important? Pray to God. Second most? Don't touch anybody.

And that, folks, is  how an Aspie wishes you Get Well Soon! With a handy list of tips. I love my boy!


  1. okay. i just spit out my diet coke while reading this...that is hilariously good :)


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