Love never fails

I've started a million posts in my mind, and stared at the blank pages of the blog, my journal, and Word documents. But even though the thoughts have been burning themselves inside my mind for several weeks now I just can't seem to find the right words to speak them. So I'm pouring this out there, because I am weary.

I am weary, and election season has barely begun.
I am weary, and I hate being in the church when politics come up, because it seems to remove all ability to see the image of God stamped on the faces of those around us.
I am weary of people stamping the word 'evil' on faces instead.
I am weary of the fruit of the Spirit taking a back seat in how we evaluate our policies, our programs, and our politics.
I am weary, and I just want to feel like love is winning, even the tiniest little bit.

Photo by Tommy Fjordb√łge via Flickr Creative Commons License


It’s some work isn’t it?
This getting along in the world,
And not even the whole world,
But just our little corner of it.
Come, let us live in unity, they say.
But unity is one of the hardest works there is
Now, isn’t it?
We talk a good talk;
We talk a GREAT talk.
We place the words that make us sound
So right.
So good.
We write off brothers
And sisters
With cross words that are
Not cross shaped.
Words that drip sarcasm and
We call it truth.
We say, “Just telling it like it is.”
And we place God in boxes
That he climbs out of again
And again.
Love rising from the grave
We put him in.


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