For When It's Time to Go

"Gate" by James Newbery licensed under CC BY/ Cropped from original, filter applied

When it’s time to go,
You’ll know.
Because the burning in your heart
Will rise up a holy flame,
And you will find the strength
To melt through bars
Of fear, of doubt,
Of shackled status quo.

When it’s time to go,
Lord help the ones
Who try to hold you back
With doubt and accusations.
Say what they will,
You know the truth
That sets you free
From labels, whispers, machinations.

When it’s time to go,
Set out boldly
Take faith, take heart
Take Love and freedom with you
Into the places they were
Always meant to be,
To desert, wilderness,
War-torn wild places.

Oh, dear one,
The world is bigger than you know,
With living rivers always
Flowing towards the sea.
Remember who you are,
The one who trusts, the one who hopes.

Go out and live.


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