OK, it's intermission time in our Advent play. Time to stand up, stretch, take a break, read the playbill. If I had sponsors, this is where you'd read about them and laugh at amusing juxtapostions of sponsor ads. Instead of a list of sponsors, I'd like you to take a look at this video. It gets to part of what I am trying to do this Advent season in a very powerful way. I first saw this video at Elizabeth's blog Finding Him Bigger. Enough said, I'll let the video speak for itself. 

Get involved. Be part of the conspiracy to really celebrate Advent, to celebrate hope by giving hope to others. There are so many ways to do this either locally or on a larger scale that I couldn't possibly list them all. Here are just a few ideas.

Give the gift of clean water as mentioned in the video through Advent Conspiracy.

Give the gift of geese through Heifer International.

Help indigenous people in Bolivia plant crops to develop sustainable agriculture through Mennonite Central Committee.

Give hope for sexually exploited girls around the world through World Vision.

Provide sterile supplies and midwife training in Africa through Alternative Gifts International.

(Of course, all of the above links have other giving options as well; get your children involved in choosing between several gifts so that they can take part in it also.)

And then give your family the gift of your time.


  1. great minds! I had posted this today on the mercy site. funny. But it does make a great sound-bite point. There are so many ways to return the focus on Jesus and Jesus-justice/love it's exciting to know many christians are re-focusing and reclaiming christmas and advent.

    Lord help us!

  2. hey, thanks for posting that video...

    to think about it, the govt. is all out to making its people into Shopping Whores... and its sad that yes, people are becoming just that!!

    Americans are the biggest consumers in the whole world and generate nothing.. or close to it!!

  3. This is great!! I took Noodle shopping at Walmart this past Sunday and he picked out some toys.. he gave one to Toys for Tots and then a whole bag full of others to Toys For Joy at our church. Luckily he has been in a very giving spirit this year which means a lot coming from a four year old... keep up the good works!!


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