I am not famous

This morning I curled up on the couch with a cup of hot tea and leafed through the latest issue of my alma mater's alumni magazine. I'm not sure why I do this, because in the tradition of alumni magazines everywhere it is chock full of people who are Doing Something and at times that can wear on the self-esteem a little. I'm not a world renowned opera singer, I'm not part of a band. I'm not a well-known business person worth millions or a famous surgeon saving lives every day. I'm simply me. A mom, a wife. I'll never have articles written about me, because the only thing I'm using that $40,000 English degree for is to write this blog that is read by about ten of my friends. I am not famous.

I am not famous. I am not rich. In the currency of the world and even of Christian colleges what I do is of little significance.

But here is what I know. In about 2 1/2 hours I will walk into my son's classroom to volunteer for half an hour and the faces of 25 children will light up. And one teacher will be happy because for half an hour she has an extra pair of hands and eyes in the classroom.

I know that every Wednesday I will show up and spend most of my day helping to cook dinner for our small groups. And about 60 people will come back with empty plates saying "That was delicious!" (Well, except perhaps for my children...) And my friend will be happy because she doesn't have to prepare a meal for 60 by herself.

I know that my husband will come home every night to a warm dinner waiting (ok, MOST nights...well, MANY nights...). And he will have someone to listen to him talk about his day. Someone who thinks that social workers rock and deserve their own issue of alumni news because they give and give for so little financial gain.

But most of all I know this:

I make a difference to my children. Fame and wealth are fleeting. Mothers are forever.

I am not famous. But I matter.


  1. Oh, Rea. I love this! Beautiful, powerful truth. The picture and the accurate depiction of how much mamas matter . . . heart happy.


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