It is entirely possible that my brain exploded when I tried to read the manual for my camera. At least, that is the excuse I'm giving for not posting yesterday's picture. I have also had a raging headache ever since as proof of the explosion. (That might also be the result of trying to do payroll and listen to the soundtrack of Les Misérables at the same time. Surprisingly not a good idea.)

I was a bit stumped about what to capture for today's challenge of Heart...and then I remembered something I've been saving for a blog post for quite some time, one of those little serendipitous finds that makes me smile whenever I look at it.

A heart in a stone, found in our rock landscaping. (And by landscaping I mean 'pathetic rock beds around some scraggly bushes.) And it is so, so fitting because I've been thinking about what I would pick as my one word for 2013 and the word that keeps pushing to the top of my mind is love.

We were challenged in church to think about what to take on as we go into the new year and for me it all comes down to love.

Loving my family. Extending grace to them.

Loving myself. Leaving behind the thousands of lies that keep me from experiencing the complete fullness of love.

Loving my neighbor...friend and stranger, near and far.

Loving God.  Not in some abstract 'go to church and sing a few songs about him' way, but really and truly grasping what it means to love him and to BE loved by him.

I know it seems like such a ridiculously simple thing to some people, but I'm not sure I could have picked a more difficult word.

But if the patience of time can wear a heart into stone, I am confident that love can seep into the corners of a heart that feels sometimes like its own little stone.


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