Something I saw.

So I've missed a few days of the photo challenge. That happens when you mess up your back and pretty much the only thing that makes it happy is sitting on a chair and not moving. I tried the whole 'get up and keep moving' thing, but that is more easily said than done when you are so crazily out of whack that movement means you are thrusting more things out of line to compensate.

But, by Sunday evening things were looking a little better, and we enjoyed a game of Castle Panic as a family.

This is what I saw.

The boys are finally getting to the stage where we can play games with them that are actually fun for people over the age of 6. (I'm looking at you, Mousetrap.) We're still working on the whole thing of 'do not jump around and shake the table or throw the dice half-way across the room', but I'm assuming that will come with age. In the meantime, we've solved the 'But I NEVER win' complaining by getting some cooperative games like Castle Panic. It also makes it easier in the learning stages because we can discuss strategy with them and help them to plot out the best course of action. Teaching logic is always a win in my book.

And that's what I saw on my Sunday evening.


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