What I do.

The challenge today is to take a picture of what we do. I've already taken a picture of my computer, I'm not sure there is much else that one can do with that. And I've taken a picture of food, so that pretty much covers the whole 'I feed my family' thing that takes up such a large chunk of time.

How does a mom sum up the span of what she does?

This is it. THIS is my master list, my 'I could not survive without this' planner. This is what I (theoretically) do when I am not working.

I need lists. I need lists like some people need air. I need air too, so I guess that means I need air AND lists. Oh, I tried other plans for getting my house cleaned and organized and they did not work. Somewhere there is an unused email account filling up with thousands of emails from FlyLady. Even on the 'please don't inundate me with 50 emails a week' plan I STILL spent half my time trying to read emails and tips from her and nothing ended up getting cleaned anyway.

But this, this is awesome. I found it last year, and for about fifteen dollars for the download and getting it bound it was well worth it. At least, it was worth it for the four months I kept up with it, faithfully checking off tasks each day. After that, when my brain fell apart and I couldn't seem to get anything done even with a list staring me in the face it was more of a taunting 'see what you SHOULD be doing and aren't?'

Still, I'm back at it this year. I printed it out and had it bound last week, but haven't checked anything off yet because 'sit in your chair and whine about how much pain you are in' was not on the list. (I totally would have rocked that task, though.) I'm going to start small, aiming for just getting ANYTHING checked off during the week. And I will consider that an accomplishment.

Because this is what I do.


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