'T' is for...

Today's photo challenge prompt was to take a picture of something that begins with the letter 'T'. Have you ever noticed that when you need something to begin with a certain letter, nothing does? Maybe it's just me, but my house seemed suddenly devoid of the letter 'T'.

I thought about photographing the tortilla soup I was planning to make for supper, but I knew the light would be gone by the time it was ready. That did, however, remind me that I forgot to pick up Tortilla chips at the grocery store. So I guess it wasn't a wasted thought.

A tree? I've got to say, it would be hard to make our spindly, bare trees look good right now. Maybe an artsy shot taken by lying on the ground underneath one. But it is cold and there is snow on the ground and I didn't want the neighbors to think I'm crazy.

Towels? Some things do not need to be documented. The mess in the boys' bathroom is one of them. My dirty laundry pile is another.

Tired? I had a very tired boy whom I had to shake and nudge for over a minute this morning before he woke up and growled at me. It probably wasn't the best time to take a picture of him.

Taxes...I am fairly certain that no one wants to see a picture of a blank tax form unless they are looking up tax information on the IRS website.

Trebuchet? I don't have one of those handy at the moment.

Tomato soup would have been perfect, had I thought of this before eating my lunch. I suppose I could always go for the more existential theme of 'Tomato soup, all gone.' But, as with the towels, I'm not quite ready to stoop to taking pictures of my dirty dishes either.

In the end I decided that T is for...

Testy. ("Can THIS be the last picture? Are you done YET? Come ON!")
Also, Terrible lighting. (Thus the playing with Picasa editing.)


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